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Microbiology & Virology Department.

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Eugene P. Krasnozhenov

Graduate of Tomsk Medical Institute
Doctor of Medical Sciences,

Contact information:
phone: +7 3822 55–62–41
e-mail: krasnojmail.ru

Main Direction of Scientific Research
Relationship between microbe–agent and microorganism.

Developed Sections and Directions of Scientific Research

  1. Organism's colonization resistance with different pathological processes.
    Supervisor — Professor Eugene P. Krasnozhenov.
    E-mail: krasnojmail.ru
  2. Blood system and immunity with different infections (Clinical and experimental data).
    Supervisor — Professor Maria R. Karpova
    E-mail: mrkarmail200.ru
  3. Karyopahtologic cell aberrations induced by infection agents.
    Supervisor — Professor Irina N. Ilynskikh.
    E-mail: ilyinskikhyandex.ru

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