Ophthalmology department.

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Igor V. Zapuskalov, MD, Professor.

MD, professor.

Members in Scientific Academies and other Scientific titles:
Member of International Committee of Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO).

Contact information:
Phone. +7 (3822) 41–76–15.
E–mail: izapuskalovyandex.ru

Main Scientific Direction of Department:
Mechanics of blood circulation in eye. Proliferative syndrome in ophthalmology..

Developed Sections and Directions of Scientific Research:

  1. Role of osmotic blood pressure in hemo- and hydrodynamics of back eye segment in health and disease (supervisor - professor Zapuskalov I.V., e—mail: izapuskalovyandex.ru)
  2. Pathogenic aspects of prevention and treatment of cicatrical processes in eye injuries (supervisor - professor Zapuskalov I.V., e—mail: izapuskalovyandex.ru)
  3. Use of autologous blood mononuclears in complex treatment of corneal ulcer (supervisor - professor О.I. Krivosheina, e—mail: oikryandex.ru)
  4. Back chamber fixation of intraocular lens with no phacocyst (supervisor - professor М.Ye. Konovalov).
  5. Pathogenic autogenetic mechanisms of hyper regeneration after antiglaucoma operations (supervisors - professors О.I. Krivosheina, e—mail: oikryandex.ru, and I.А. Khlusovв).
  6. Peculiarities of hemo- and hydrodynamic of eyes during labour (supervisor - Zapuskalov I.V, e—mail: izapuskalovyandex.ru).

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